Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Robot Squid Character

A project for school. Tasked with designing a robot character and creating a 3D model from the design drawings. So this first image is the squid robot that I designed. I drew it in a dark underwater ocean setting. I really like how this turned out, one of the best things I've drawn.
Also my nickname at work is Squid.
This is available in my store as a print, Mobile phone skin/case and more!

Rotation drawings of my robot.
3D model Rotation, didn't have enough time to get it quite the way I wanted.
Came up with the whole squid idea by drawing large black blotches. I refined that and came up with this silhouette to base my coloured design off of. This silhouette struck me as very interesting.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Gekko Moriah Bust

I created a bust of Gekko Moriah, from One Piece, using the default human head in Mudbox.

There are some close up stills after the jump.
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