Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Cats that aren't real: Raikou

I drew Raikou, from Pokémon, as another addition to my Cats that aren't real series of drawings. This is an old drawing from June 2016 that I have n't posted online yet.
Time-lapse video of me drawing Morgana.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Spider-Man: Homecoming

It's finally here! Spider-Man's newest animated adventure!
This film received a runner up award for it's appearance at the 12th Annual TAIS Animation Showcase!

Saturday, April 8, 2017

April Film Screenings in Toronto and Hong Kong

Two of my short films will be screening this month, April 2017.
The first is "Screaming Frog" on April 22 at Loft22 in Hong Kong, China. Third Culture Film Festival is putting on this show, my film is in "The Darkness" segment.
Tickets are available for $20.70 (Canadian), More info. tcff.tv

The second is "Vehicle Emotions Test" on April 28 at The Royal Cinema in Toronto, Canada. Toronto Animated Image Society is running the show. It is part of their Local Exposure show.
Tickets are available for $7 (Canadian), More info. tais.ca
Check out the film festivals if you can.
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