Monday, July 5, 2010

Canada Day 2010

I went to Toronto to see Deadmau5, Jesse F. Keeler and Benny Benassi perform at The Guvernment and Kool Haus. This was the highest quality photo I took of Deadmau5's set that night. What a fantastic show, more pictures are on my Facebook account at the moment, but more will be soon elsewhere. Deadmau5's cube had thousands of led lights in them, they changed and flowed with each song. His mask also had a lot of led lights.

You can see a better quality of this image here.

Kool Haus was packed for Deadmau5's show, could not move, luckily I was near the front. Deadmau5 finished at around 3:30 am, so I went to The Guvernment to catch the rest of JFK's set. He is amazing, I loved seeing him in November last year! Left Toronto at 5:30 am, danced for 9 hours straight killed my legs and my body..

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