Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sketchbook Project Tour 2011 - Pages 1-12

I'm participating in the Sketchbook Project Tour 2011. Just got some time to scan some images, I currently have about 38 pages filled and will post some more up later on.


Pg. 1 - the inside cover, a card thing is being placed here so I just wrote some of my websites here, also Apt Locust is an anagram for my name
Pg. 2 - The Game, you just lost it. :O
Pg. 3 - ???, Random images and text
Pg. 4 - Some bleeding creature, I drew it too light and I just got a new scanner so I need to darken it up right sometime..
Pg. 5 - A butterfly
Pg. 6 - my Chie Satonaka rough

Hit the read more link for the full image set.

Pg. 7 - nothing
Pg. 8 - my caged drawing for Illustration Friday
Pg. 9 - nothing
Pg. 10 - a face, swirls on the nose, dark around the eyes
Pg. 11 - nothing
Pg. 12 - rough drawing of my cartoon self for my mosh pit drawing
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