Friday, April 15, 2011

School's Done N Stuff

School is over, so here is a bunch of stuff I made. Mostly from the end of the semester.

My Demo Reel. All the 3D stuff, the black and white 8 ball and robot, Orihime, the Melon, the speaker character, my PSA and the Earth exploding were done this semester. Everything else is older.

A speed painting. Had to have a focal point.

Final painting for school, just had to be any character with a background. I had an old drawing of this mouse on my computer so I coloured it in.

A fairy tale character I had to create, it's a speaker monster.

The speaker monster coloured, the walking animation is in my Demo Reel above.

Hit the read more link for the full image and video set.

The only thing I fully made here was the opening title and the voice over. This was just a video editing project about something in animation history, I did mine on Satoshi Kon.

After viewing demo reels at school they gave out these mugs to the best student in each class it seemed, I got one for Digital Painting class. I'm pretty sure it's just a sticker on some shitty $1 mug, I doubt I'll use this garbage.
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