Thursday, October 27, 2011

Caricature Animation

An animation assignment for school. We had to create a 15 second intro animation using a caricature of ourselves. My caricature is based on a design I had previously created.
The animated series Adventure Time inspired me to create the character with long noodle like appendages. And like that series I wanted this to be pretty random and nonsensical.
Last thing I added was the blood in the blender and that just made the entire thing perfect to me.
A character rotation of my caricature.
A screen shot of my character from the animation.

More of my process and images after the jump.

My original storyboard idea for the glitched out ending included lightning, melting pixels, kill screen pixels and a psycho killer face for me.
And while I'm making a post about caricatures, I drew this one of a classmate and really like how it turned out.
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