Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Photoshop Animation Tests

These are Photoshop animation tests. The goal was to try and emulate the style of the Skullgirls characters. Top image is a clean up animation of Cerebella getting hit when standing. Bottom two images are animations of Filia doing a crouching weak kick and standing medium kick.


  1. I think you did pretty good on the clean up test, good job. The shoe skulls look like they're squashing a bit, and the left elbow looks like it's shrinking instead of turning in perspective, to me at least.

    Your line quality is awesome! It would take me forever to do thick and thin cleanup like this.

    Check out my DA some time, I posted my animation tests there, I'd appreciate any feedback.
    I'm at sheridan by the way, cool that we're both in Ontario.


    1. For sure, thanks for the feedback. I also went to Sheridan a few years ago.

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