Sunday, June 16, 2013

Seven Hotline Miami Illustrations

Over the next week I'm going to be uploading 7 drawings I did based on Hotline Miami.
Part 1: Hotline Miami
Jacket, smoking and leaning on his destroyed DeLorean. Since it's part one I figured it would be cool to have "Hotline Miami" written across it as something like a title page.
Part 3: Graham
Jacket wearing the Graham mask, cracking mobster skulls with a baseball bat! This one was just done in Photoshop.
Part 2: Richard
Jacket wearing the Richard mask. I did this one in MS Paint, software that I haven't used in seven years. Drawing without layers is a hassle. It is easy to make pixel art though.
Part 4: Jacket and Biker
Jacket, wearing the Rufus mask, and Biker covered in blood and exhausted after fighting. Very short pixel art animation I did in Photoshop.
Part 5: Click
Jacket, wearing the Aubrey mask, standing over a burning mobster. Probably my favourite drawing I did for this series.
Part 6: Richter
Jacket getting shot by Richter. Drew them in a super deformed character art style.
Part 7: Biker
Final drawing is just a textured brush drawing of Biker.
And an Imagur Gallery of the seven drawings.


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