Saturday, February 13, 2010

Cereal Ad Storyboard Thumbnails

Cereal Ad Storyboard idea.

1. A silhouette of a female running.
2. Close up of the running female, she is sweating and panting.
3. Close up of a vampire.
4. We see the vampire chasing the female.
5. The female runs into an old crumbling house.
6. She trips on something.
7. The vampire has the female cornered.
8. Close up of the vampire going in for the attack.
9. The female reaches around for anything she can defend herself with. She holds up a box of Wild Pops Cereal
10. The vampire changes into a bat and flys away hissing and shrieking.
11. Tag line "Wild Pops - A Powerful Force".


  1. Badass part 2... defending yourself from a vampire with a box of cereal... this is so awesome :P *hi-5*

  2. Its a great concept. Very clever. I like it a lot :^)

    But... I wonder if you're maximizing the potential of the visual dynamics? Looking at your thumbnails I see a lot of pretty rudimentary compositions. Take another look at the "22 panels" sheet I posted on the class blog and see how you can increase the variety and (more importantly) the drama of your scenes, ok?

    I know you do great work - let's make sure this board is a great sample for your portfolio, Paul!


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