Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Laptop Skin

A laptop skin design that's going on my MacBook. I coloured it using mostly CMYK. The image is of a speaker with the lyrics to Daft Punk's song Technologic. I wanted it to look as if it were one with my black MacBook so I added some black drips, cracks and the gradient border to the image to help.
This is available in my store as a laptop skin, print, ipad skin/case, mobile phone skin/case and more!


  1. Thanks Paul. I like your laptop skin a lot as well, it's gonna look awesome when it's on your comp :)

  2. This skin is so rad XD I would totally buy it if mine didn't have a gummy bear anatomy on it ;)

  3. Hi. This skin looks so sick! Is there a way to purchase this skin from you? I'd totally like to buy one for my 13" macbook pro! (I can paypal you)

    1. Yes, I have a store here:

      That's a promo link for free shipping for a limited time.


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